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Are You a Software Developer?

The timing for job seekers in India couldn’t be better. Global IT majors seem to be reveling in the uncompromising position India showed to the global economic climate. This prompted many large IT business houses to increase their faith in India Inc. As a result of this positive show, the IT majors have never really closed their doors to Indian job seekers. Why? They know that India has no dearth of software and analytical talent. Churned out by the millions, this multi-faceted workforce is what makes IT players invest heavily in this country.

Most talented software professionals look for domain specific jobs in these IT majors because of a multitude of reasons. Some of them want to be a part of a global team, some dream of contributing to innovations that help corporates, some want to invest their time and brainpower to pressing issues around the world. There are a few who want to be in the company of Nobel laureates, thinkers and trend-changing minds. The reasons may be many but the destination is the same.

Some of the most talented and interesting software individuals look to play a pivotal role in process of software development as a Developer. Software Developers can major in any particular domain such as Software Developers/Web developers/.net developers/java and j2ee developers for projects across different domains.

What is the role of a Software Developer? The software developer role function requires candidates to develop code using programming specifications, high level design documents and implement the identified components based on client requirements.

Software Developers also ensure that the implemented components are unit tested and ready to be integrated into the product. They provide defect fixes identified by the verification team during the software development life cycle and be exposed to projects across different domains.

As a software/ Web developer, you will support service specialists in performing problem determination and analysis on client systems. Depending on the severity level of a problem, you will be required to work directly with clients through conference calls or onsite visits and provide insight and feedback regarding the client environment to the development organization and be responsible for existing and new product development.

There are projects are available across several platforms – Java, J2EE,.net in all the major IT firms.

If you are a fresher or experienced software engineer, explore your horizons and try to get the best of what is on offer at these international firms producing some of the best and most innovative technologies in the planet. Good luck!